The SAVA (Advanced Life Support in Anesthesia) course is an 18-hour theoretical and practical course of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology (SBA) aimed at training the doctor that is graduating or already graduated in anesthesiology to work with anesthesia emergencies.

The course is vast and covers topics such as Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) related to anesthesia. This workshop stands out mainly because it focuses on CPR algorithms in special populations, such as pregnant women and pediatric patients. Also, because it offers discussions about common anesthesia complications such as arrhythmias, shock, intoxication caused by local anesthetic, malignant hyperthermia, anaphylaxis, and others.

The SAESP Simulation Center is officially qualified for training and for performing the SAVA course. It also has a complete structure for the anesthesiologist's learning. Furthermore, our instructors are highly qualified and are references on the matter. SAESP receives students from the whole country to carry out SAVA course in one of the best-equipped centers in the country.

This course is of utmost importance for every anesthesiologist. Every professional must be prepared to act in urgent and emergency situations. The anesthesiologist is the professional who regularly deals with these situations and therefore needs to be trained to provide the best care and save lives.